What Others Are Saying…

“In the Kingdom of God, ashes turn to beauty and tragedies turn to victories. Yet, the challenge is many Believers live powerless lives because they don’t realize the connection they have access to. In Grace Ambassador: Bringing Heaven to Earth, John Jackson brings a message of hopeful expectation as he unveils the epidemic of a powerless Gospel that has been preached from the pulpit and practiced in the pews of our churches for far too long. The world is in desperate need of the Body of Christ to move from observation to activation and for Jesus to receive His full reward. In this catalytic book lies an essential message for the Church today. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is eager to step into the fullness of their calling as a Believer, bring Heaven to earth, and become a true grace ambassador.”

Kris Vallotton

Senior Associate Leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA

Co-Founder, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry

Author of thirteen books, including The Supernatural Ways of Royalty, Spiritual Intelligence, and Poverty, Riches, and Wealth.

“In Grace Ambassadors, my dear friend Dr. John Jackson opens his heart to the world. If you truly believe the words on the pages of the Bible, you have a responsibility to join Jesus in bringing Heaven to Earth. Dr. Jackson will guide you as you discover your God-given abilities and use them to usher the grace and love of Christ into the here and now.”

Samuel Rodriguez

New Season, Lead Pastor

NHCLC, President/CEO

Author, “Persevere With Power; What Heaven Starts, Hell Cannot Stop!”

Exec. Producer, “Breakthrough” and “Flamin Hot” Movies

“It’s easy to wonder why there’s such a gap between ideas and the realities of the church in America. John Jackson helps us see where we’ve strayed and provides powerful tools to get us back on track. This Spirit-filled and deeply vulnerable book is a gift to us all. Don’t miss it!”

Margaret Feinberg

Author, More Power To You

“We are living in a chapter in history where so much is at stake for our nation. It will require nothing less than heaven-inspired strategies to answer the world’s most pressing problems through a new generation of reformers. With his new book, my good friend Dr. John Jackson has released a timely call to action for believers everywhere. Grace Ambassador wisely instructs, encourages, and equips. It is honest, heart-felt, and clearly communicates what the Body of Christ needs to hear in this crucial season. This is the Church’s finest hour, and God wants to use you to bring about transformation in your sphere of influence!”

Dr. Ché Ahn

President, Harvest International Ministry

Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, CA

International Chancellor, Wagner University

“Dr. John Jackson has done it again! He has a way of reintroducing you to ancient words and you experience them as if it were the first time.  As you read Grace Ambassador, prepare to meet grace and experience the kingdom in a fresh and new way.  Thanks John!”

Albert Tate

Pastor, Fellowship Church

Author, How We Love Matters

“Dr John Jackson is the leading voice for Christians of impact ready to use their Purpose. His insight and work continue to inspire and equip leaders of all ages to get involved in changing the Culture.”

Gabrielle Bosché

Co-Founder and CEO, The Purpose Company